You're the Sunshine I was feeling low in life as I could be
And was feeling hanging at the end of rope
A ray of sunshine entered into my life
And warmed me up and gave me all hope ♥

This sunlight streams across my room
Piercing through my cloudy gloom
I knew than another morning has begun
With pleasant greetings from the sun ♥

Now my life is seems rocking and stable
My world seems to be awesome complete
I pray the love which I received be sacred
A Love so precious that I gonna forever keep ♥

Now whenever in my heart the dark encroaches
The warmth and peace found quickly reproaches
For thoughts of you now are making me smile
With all happiness together never felt in a while ♥

I could feel the rains and rainbow now has colors
Stars sparkle and shine through out the night
The darkness now have finally disappeared
Life now, O’beloved..holds so much light ♥

Your true feelings for me and mine for you
Gives me strength and always will make it through
Without you my life is so dark and dreary
But Darling you are helping me see clearly ♥

Now we gonna make this journey together
With all hopes of our dreams come true
We gonna love each other unconditionally
That ray of sunshine I needed…was indeed you ♥

You are truly the sunshine every day
You complete me in everyday and every way
Forever be there with me and be my light
To keep me away from these lonely nights ♥