You're My Strength You’re like my shoulder and my strength
I may fall out of life for you go to any length
You are truly the Moon in My Sky
You are also present in the tears of my eyes ♥

Needless to say, you are the soul of my life
you’re so special more than you know and I show
you’re my dream mate, you’re all that I know ♥

It’s your smile your heart even your cries
I gonna love you forever even after I die
I consider you my friend and you’re my life
You are my light and I consider you my wife ♥

You are simply the bright sun in My World
You are the unintentional word in my sentence
You are the rainbow like colour in my dreams
And you are the brilliant smile on my face ♥

You’re the girl I need and the one who is there
I have you right now and it doesn’t seem fair
Because right now isn’t enough and forever too soon
Without you I may loose life and not know what to do
You’re more than a friend and more than a partner too ♥

You’re my forever but really not long enough for me and you
There’s a place in my heart’s heaven waiting just for you
you’re a beautiful soul and I could forget you never
I just pray that we are always together now and forever ♥