loveYou’re My Star <3
This is when God created heaven
And arranged these stars in sky up above
I knew right then the star I’d choose
Would fill my entire life with her love <3
Among all the gift bestowed to me
You’re the best received by far
Because the day I’ve dreamt you
I realised that you are my star <3
God really blessed me with an angel
That angel my darling is truly you
You’re greatest gift of a love so true
Who will stand by me my whole life through <3
I can’t forecast what life will hold
But there is one thing I am sure I know
That if we keep caring these feelings well
our seeds of love will surely grow <3
You will always be the brightest star
In the heavens of my heart
And I won’t despair when dark clouds near
For my star will shine through the dark <3
And when this life on earth is past
Through eternity, the gift of love will last <3