Meeting unknown nothing more than fate
Only God knows that you are my soulmate ♥
you’re my friend now and you’re my life
you’re my light and you will be my wife ♥

you’re so special beloved more than I show
you’re my soul mate, you’re all that I know ♥
you’re my shoulder and you’re my strength
I would die for you and go to any length ♥

Our timing in love is never wrong
Now we are sharing a bond so strong ♥
Our time together beloved means so much
Each moment intensifies the need to touch ♥

Your love has reached my deepest soul
Longing for you beloved to daily hold ♥
May our love and need continuously grow
Forever, Love, Need, Passion to each show ♥

Our souls feel entwined in love’s embrace
Breathing happiness in God’s sacred space ♥