loveFrom the moment I opened my heart and let you in
I felt my feelings turned into love that start to begin
My Love for You is more than just an emotion
I consider you my Angel divine sent from Heaven ♥

I want to be like a blanket for you that covers a child
Keeping You warm through the dark and coldest of night
Holding you close to me when God’s love falls from the sky
I’ll be the tissue that dries the tears of sadness from your eye ♥

When I found you, I found the preciest thing to heaven
The moment I opened my heart, this great love starting to begin
The perfect angel divine for me used to be only in my dreams
But when I first saw you, it changed almost everything ♥

In my heart, your feelings are true and I hold your love close
It’s your tender love and care that I need the most
my Love will be the Water that showers You with Compassion
This Love of mine for You is more than just an emotion ♥

I could search my whole life through, and never find another ‘you’
I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know
I have opened my eyes just to seek a divine vision of you
I always hope and pray to my god your feelings are always true
You are so special that, I really wanted you to know
I love you truly, completely love you so ♥