You're Like a Lost Angel <3You’re Like a Lost Angel <3
Never know why I feel so much love for you
I think that someday I will see through
This never matters what experience you had before
You’re like a lost angel every one will adore <3

I long to dream you everyday through my eye
You’re a gift from god, you make me feel high
Your smile gonna melt every heart that you touch
Your sight alone, could cause the deepest crush <3

Your warmth in dreams just blows me away
It’s enough to brighten even the darkest day
It seems to me you’re brighter than any star
In life I know, you will surely go very far <3

You seems to me the sweetest girl I’ve ever met
That’s why I love you so much without any regret
For your beauty within, I feel so very great
That the perfect life definitely be your fate <3

I said all this now beloved, because I do care
Your absence will be something too hard to bear
When time comes, and the last thing I see is you
There is one thing I’ll say, I will always love you <3