loveWhen you wake up and she’s in your mind
Thinking of another subject ah can’t find
First you gonna think it is a mere bluff
But slowly you realize, Damn you’re in love ♥

But ah, one way love can never thrive
It needs other end’s reciprocation
And so for heart in order to survive
It needs my beloved’s affirmation ♥

I think about you every night and day
And hope my life can stay this way
I wish to throw caution to the sky
And let our heart give it a try ♥

You gonna find that it will not deny
Come near to me beloved, with open arms
And make me sweep me off my feet
And then display for me your charms
To make my love feel so complete ♥

My one way love will only terminate
When you become my love and inspiration
So, therefore beloved, please reciprocate
O’sweetheart you gonna feel no more hesitation ♥