love at first sight

I don’t believe in love at first sight
But it appeared as dream in the night
My mind was filled with heart’s plight
In this dream I truly felt your light ♥

I feel you’re the one I was searching for
You’re the reason I came at life’s door
You’re my personal goddess to the core
You’re the one whom I wanted and more ♥

I am writing of my true love for you
And I may seem insane, wanna get it through
I know and feel my love is sent form above
It feels more beautiful than a soaring dove ♥

Beloved I love you – you are my all
I so not want to walk alone in life’s hall
I want your shadow is cast over my life tall
Whenever I think of you I hear my heart’s call ♥

So, my beloved my own goddess, hear my prayer
I know it is little difficult, may sound unfair
But trust me this, you are my one and only care
Life without you will pain me I can no longer bare ♥