Forever StayYou Make Me Beautiful <3
It’s hard for me to comprehend
What really I feel inside
The only thing I understand is
Where my heart knows to hide <3

But after meeting you in dreams
I feel words flowing with ease
You understand and listen
Yet you play and you tease <3

You’re wonderful to be around
And always there by my side
I can’t see life without you
You’re the one whom I’ll confide <3

You love me for what I am
And that will never change
My love for you is equal
For it’s distance, I can’t range <3

You’re perfect in every way
With your talents and your flaws
You’re the best I’ve ever met
You make me beautiful… because <3

I’m happy who I am since
You love me and I love you
I’m so glad that we’re together
And wish our life is blessed and true <3