You Are <3You Are <3
Beloved you are a mystery
And the voice from afar
You came like the wind
Carrying me to the stars <3

You were the unseen face
My most desirable dream
You are the perfumed embrace
Which made me beam and gleam <3

You are the poetry in me
Verses that puts me into a trance
You are the one who sets me free
And invite me for the soul’s dance <3

You are my desire melting away
My flame wrapped up in secrecy
You are the word I always say
When I am enveloped in ecstasy <3

You are what I can’t define
My soul, my eternity and my art
You’re the one who makes me rise and shine
You are the light beacon inside my heart <3

Let me be your shield and shelter
Let me be your day and night
Let me guide you to eternal delight <3