You & MeYou are the Blessing <3
You will be one true love
My life time favorite girl
You’re a gift from God above
Truly a blessing in my world <3
You’re answer to my prayers
Like an angel’s song to sing
Like a breath of fresh air
You’re the beauty of the spring <3
You are my life’s center
A never ending friend
You’re teacher and a mentor
Standing with me till the end <3
You are like my conscience
From which I cannot hide
Upfront and no nonsense
Like a guardian of my pride <3
You are in my inner soul
Like an archangel of my heart
You’re my emotional control
You’ve got down to an art <3
When my heart is breaking
Longing to beat no more
There is no mistaking
You are its only cure <3
You are my Guiding Light
A soft and soothing voice
Like the stars shining bright
You make my heart rejoice <3
When you are in my hand
I cannot let you really go
Forever I will be your man
And poetry you must know <3
You are my one true love!!! <3