Luv to Sit in SilenceYesteryears life was like stone
For studies in hostel, lost my home
I felt lost, cud not luv or wanted too
But now in my dreams, I have you ♥

I close my eyes as today cool breeze flow
Over the eyebrows and kissing the cheek
I am Breathing its taste and freshness
Looks like your gentle caress that I seek ♥

With this my heart stones began to fall away
Happiness returned and began to fill my day
I am feeling so sweet and now special too
Could this be your dream love, I pray is true ♥

You too feel the wind across your face
Its like my sweet and gentle caresses
Across your lips your cheek wind kisses
Playing merrily beloved with your tresses ♥

My heart now singing a song of love
For I know that it was sent from above
My heart is warm, there is no cold
Hard no more, but with wings of gold ♥

It is soaring above the sky so high
Sometimes I think of why did I cry
My heart now sings a loving song
For the part of me I thought was gone ♥

The gift that life has promised to give me
Is so important my beloved, can’t you see
Ah its raining! no more sadness or being alone
For now my heart has truly found the home ♥