Writing Upon The midnight MoonWriting Upon The midnight Moon ♥
Stars engrave their stories over the midnight moon
For these words would have no meaning
If you were to view them, say, at noon
My words are stars that have decided to reside ♥

Upon the midnight moon, each one has a heart
And each a story, they want to share with you
One star said to many young hearts below
Go for honest love and not the passion ♥

For passion gives you no more than pleasure
Unlike others, looking up at the moon
And wishing beloved, you read my words
Another star said to you, I forgave passion ♥

And for the sacrifice, borne only of body heat
I found you, then, oh then, such lasting passion
Can you see, the writing upon the moon?
Another star said, I had a very good friend
Who listened to me, but preferred passion ♥

As for him, he thought love would come later
There are many stars residing upon the moon
And as stars, we share our hearts with you ♥

We hope you will not become like some of our friends
Who are not stars, but craters, looking down at you
With empty hearts, from a bright, midnight moon
Can You See, The Writing Upon The midnight Moon? ♥