LOVEWish Us Together <3
I wish to tell you that you have all my heart
I wish us together never shall we be apart
I just wish you know you bring smile on my face
I want you together, I don’t want any other place <3

You know, I’m with you whenever you need me
Be it any moment or anytime at all
I wish to cheer you, when you’re feeling blue
I gonna catch you beloved when you fall <3

Life may not be so kind that things really don’t
Go the way that we exactly plan it to be
Still I wish you know that whatever happens
I would always want you together with me <3

I just wish to tell you, I thank you for coming here
I have found a shoulder to lean on with your care
I wish you know, I’m thinking of you every moment of the day
And how much I love you now words could never even say <3

I just want to tell you, you now mean so much to me
I see my world in you, and that I want you to see
I wish to tell you I love you with all my heart
I wish for us to be together never shall we be apart <3