I always wished to touch the sky
And bring a twinkling star for you
Hope this moon soon comes by
O God! I love you and care for you ♥

I want to tell the shinning rainbow
To give me its colors for you
I Hope and wish to make it in time
So that I may catch the shades of hue ♥

I want to ask the gentle breeze
To come as softly as it can
To make you calm and feel at peace
From now, tomorrow and everyday then ♥

I want to tell the tip tap raindrops
To drop by gently and touch you
And fill your life with the fragrance
As fresh as the mud after the first rain ♥

I want to tell these singing birds
To chirp their sweet songs and tunes
And fill your ears, with loving words
As musical as the chords of dunes ♥

I want to tell your soft pillow
To hug you as tight as it can
There may be limits in my love
But I will try to listen and understand ♥