Wish to dance with you as if there is no tomorrow
Wanna twist and turn with you and goodbye to sorrow
Let’s take flight for only one night, hours we steal
Minutes we borrow love is everything that’s what I feel  ♥

Wish to dance with you beloved for entire life time
Holding you close to my heart we let our love shine
We’ll dance forever, heart in heart and hand to hand
Building love between us that we barely can stand  ♥

Candles low no bright lights let love light our way
Come hold me, dance with me till night breaks to day
Never have I been so loved or felt love for anyone
Dance with me beloved until the night is entirely done  ♥

Dance until the world is done I can’t resist your charms
Dance and hold me close let me die within your arms
Don’t ever let me go, the dance with you feels so right
I will never let you go, come….dance with me tonight ♥