wheneverWhenever beloved I see you
I just want to see you more
Every time you say hello to me
This heart begins to soar ♥

Every time you talk to me
I pinch myself to see if I’m awake
Every time I look into your eyes
It’s my heart you begin to take ♥

Every time I see your smile
I wish that you are there with me
I eagerly await things you have to say
For thinking you gets me through my day ♥

I wish every second be spent with you
Seeing you close just to be with you
I want to cherish everything together
Whether it’s loving caressing each other ♥

I take time to thank God I’ve found you
I pray that one day, just maybe we could
Together forever until the end of time
Because you’re the best I could ever find ♥

A girl with endless beauty and amazement
With beautiful eyes and heart of merriment ♥

You’re my guiding star from the heavens above
To fill my heart with happiness and love
I’ve spent all my life looking for you
And now I’ve found you, never want to let go
I know how great we could be together ♥