When I Dream Of You <3When I Dream Of You <3
While the music fades
It’s your voice which remains clear
The rhythms of your words
As in dreams, these words I hear <3
As the might falls to the mist of dreams
It’s your face that I see though the mist
Your eyes as you look at me lovingly
Taking all my doubts away, which enlist <3
When the sun doesn’t shine
It’s you who shares me the rainbows
The tenderness of your caring
Boosts my mind high from life lows <3
When the nights turn cold
It’s you who really warms me
Blanketed in your warmth
I’m fully comforted, you see <3
When this world turns ugly
I think of you and the person you are
As again I see your beauty
My world starts to shine like a star <3