What is Love <3What is Love <3
I’m dreaming the mist of rain in cool wind
Caressing my soul and soothing my skin
The grass below slowly tickling my feet
And a feeling of awe and not of defeat <3

Thunder rumbles through the night
A feeling of excitement and not of fright
What will happen? I don’t want to know
I love this feeling and don’t want it to go <3

Lightening tears through the night sky
I sit there and count the seconds that go by
It’s a feeling of not knowing but it feels good
This feeling wasn’t made to be understood <3

What is this feeling that scares me so
I call it true love, but love do I know
Love is so patient and love is kind
All these words really filling my mind <3

What does the word ‘LOVE’ mean anyway
Is it just a word for people to say
Love is a feeling and only meant for one other
So wait for that person or don’t even bother <3

Love is described in one word to me
BEAUTIFUL and I hope that’s what you too see <3