Your sweet voice and the warmth of your touch
So many little things, make me love you so much
I hear whispers of your voice in the early dawn
Making me content with a feeling that’s so warm ♥

I’m starting my day with your thoughts in a swarm
The way that I feel, When you’re truly by my side
Giving sense of completion and overflowing pride
The dreams that I daily dream, it all involves you ♥

The optimism that I feel the things that we can do
For now together we must join our wandering souls
So we may strengthen each other to fulfill our goals
I need you to support me even my silly notions ♥

I wish you to care for me and show your devotion
My love for you beloved is so true and sure
I am thankful to god, you made my life feel pure
Ever since I have started this wonderful life’s tour ♥