Dreaming YoucoupleWarm Feelings <3
Being Kissed by rays of light with the air
Providing us gentle relief upon our face
Your smooth, silken skin creating a glare
Glowing with the aura combined with the grace <3
I feel the simple serenity of your lidded eyes
With it feel the rhythmic beating of the chest
Soft undulations with each fall and every rise
Providing us the purest embodiment of rest <3
And with all this I am certainly overtaken
Me, by your beauty and elegance, truly awed
My soul, in this silent moment, wholly shaken
By your serenity, perfection seems unflawed <3
With your warmth, to my core, I am chilled
Trembling, shivers shooting through my skin
And then by your radiating aura I am filled
By a fiery passion which now ignited within <3