Walk With MeWalking Together <3
Stroll together in the path of life
And explore every bend of the road
Mesmerize yourself with the beauty of life
Winter’s beauty will change your mode <3
Discover comfort with me, arms in arms
When grief and pain crosses our path
Strengthen yourself with each other’s strength
While despair lies in never ending wait <3
Laugh with me beloved, a single true laugh
Just to enlighten each another’s distress
Cry with me whenever, a single true tear
To understand the meaning of true happiness <3
Cheer with me beloved, the wonders of life
As they need to be so well preserved
Rejoice with me beloved, in the mysteries
Of what’s possible and what is yet to be <3
Find tranquility and moments to breath
While you see the world gone insane
Find love with me, in each other’s hearts
Until our life has really been fulfilled <3
And when this path meets the dead end
I hope we can surely say from within
We’ve known the real beauty of true love
And such love eventually originated within <3