Until the Day <3Until the Day <3
Writing you in poems how I feel is never easy to do
Specially such feelings for someone so nice like you <3
By heart I know you are better than any of the rest
Still you being humble, ignore this fact to your best <3
I want you confident and start to see or realise
My feelings and emotions that I often kept inside <3
We will be the best if you will just give me a chance
But you hesistate whenever I ask for you to romance <3
I’ve never quited in my life and I won’t quit even now
So I’m letting you know that I’ll wait always somehow <3
If it takes days, months or years I will not care
You will devote to me and love is all I want to hear <3
I gonna give it all up dear just to make it last
It will last forever, no chance of it ending fast <3
I know this now because these feelings are rare
Something you hardly find throughout these years <3
So until the day that we are united with hearts
I’ll let you know, my love is true even when we’re apart <3