Two Hearts Celebrating The Rhythm of One Let me sing my way in your heart the pleasures of romance
I promise the bliss, the craziness of love’s sweet, silly dance
Love is not really love if it belongs to the books and songs
In the romantic hearts and in my poems it truly belongs ♥

It is the life itself, an experience we together will share
Let our heart beats for future hopes commitment and care
Listen to the love voice that will soothe and caress
This gonna relieve your heart uneasy and in distress ♥

It is something that says, “I’m here, I know life isn’t fair
Give me your troubles, I’ll listen, I’ll always be there”
Love is also a smile which blossoms both the lips and the eye
Its more then a suggestive twinkle and a warm good-bye ♥

It is a message from heart that needs no gesture or voice
Yet, in that twinkle it says, “In your warmth, I rejoice”
I have to feel your tender touch, I have to hear your voice
No other one could take your place, you’re it, I have no choice ♥

This also occurs when those fingers do gently squeeze
And say, “As long as we are together, life will be a breeze”
If not for you, I’d be adrift, I don’t know what I’d do
I’d be searching for my other half, Incomplete, if not for you ♥

Love is life itself, the acts that is sweetly done
When two hearts celebrate together with the rhythm of one ♥