True LoveTrue Love <3
What’s The True Love?
Every time I see you, I feel my body freeze
I wish you will hold me and put my heart at ease <3
Every time I see you it’s like the first
Every time I dream you, I wish it to never last
For me my head is always in constant spin
Never knowing beloved, which way is up <3
For me my heart definitely took a leap
Not knowing exactly where to stop
Can you tell me dear what true love is
For me my feelings became all jumbled <3
To untangle it now really seems unreal
Each waking thought that passes through
Is about you and the next time I’ll see you
Is this love for real and love really true <3
From my head, right down to my toes
Each part of me jumbled upon you
Holding you tightly in my arms
Holding you firmly in my thoughts <3
Can you tell me beloved what love is
Does such true love really exist
Every time I see you beloved, I miss you so much
And when I forget to think, I remember your dreamy touch <3