True Love <3True Love <3
Philosophers say a true romance will never end
A precious diamond is a girl’s best friend
But if you want to win your love’s heart
Small small things is a good way to start <3

Philosophers say it’s not an expensive gift
Which gonna give beloved tender heart a lift
It’s not fancy cars or big diamond rings
It’s taking time to do those little things <3

It’s holding her hand, it’s a midnight walk
Paying attention to the pillow talk
Making her breakfast when she’s still in bed
Easing her stress when she’s out of her head <3

It’s staying always with her in every night
Saying “I’m Sorry” when she starts the fight
Rubbing her back as she so softly sings
It’s taking time to do the little things <3

It’s taking the time to open the door
Acting romantic along the sandy seashore
Having the courage to sit there and cry
Bringing her flowers with no reason why <3

It’s putting her needs ahead of the boys
Figuring out what she really enjoys
If you really want to make her heart sing
All you have to do is the little things <3