Together beloved as long as I live
This love for you I will unconditionally give
Together always until our last day
I gonna love you beloved in every possible way ♥

Ever since into my life you came
I am truly blessed, when God revealed your name
The reason he brought me here to you
Is to love you my whole life through ♥

When we will be together for a few years
With both laughter and sometimes tears
I love you baby beyond anything
You’re happiness to me, you can only bring ♥

You are the only who resides in my soul
You are the one that makes me whole
Without you beloved, I will surely die
I gonna love you until all the earth goes dry ♥

A man truly needs a girl to love
God gave me you beloved from above
A love like ours has never been before
Look now deep inside your own heart
You gonna find each other as the total part ♥