The time hourglass can never erase
The thoughts of you and dream embrace
This longing for a single kiss
Your touch, your voice, I always miss ♥

The time hourglass and the rough sea
Can never carry away what you mean to me
My Heart, My Soul, I have given you
With the greatest love I ever knew ♥

The time hourglass, time runs so fast
My love for you beloved will always last
To be together with you, is on my mind
This special love, is one of a kind ♥

The time hourglass, time never turns back
But Love and Devotion, we will never lack
I vow to you today, you will always be
The only girl in my life always for me ♥

The time hourglass, gonna stop one day
But there is one thing to you, I’ll say
If I should go beloved before you do
I’ll always be there waiting, for only you ♥