Things About You <3Things About You <3
I don’t know why you appear so confused within
Beloved I’m always with you through thick and thin
It does not matter what you’ve been through before
You’re the long lost angel every guy will adore <3
Your smile will melt every heart that you touch
Your beauty alone, could cause the deepest crush
Your elegant personality just blows me away
It’s enough to brighten even the darkest day <3
It seems you’re brighter than any other star
In life I know beloved, you’ll surely go very far
I wish you achieve every heights and always shine
This love I have is so beautiful pure and divine <3
For your beauty within is so very great
That the perfect life has to be your fate
And it is this fate which brought me to know
That my love for you must continue to grow <3
I am telling all this beloved because I do care
Loosing you ever in life will be too hard to bear
When I feel sad and lost the last thing I see is you
There is one thing I will say, I’ll always love you <3