sad  daysThere are sad days, and these lonesome nights
Like searching someone, in thousand lights
Not wanting any of the passion and heat to subside
Only trusting that our love would unequivocally preside ♥

I never thought you’d be always that far
And someday I’ll see you like I see a shooting star
Patiently I am waiting for that perfect place and time
However structured or spontaneous, it’d be sublime ♥

Whom I really want to have but being far cannot touch
And someone who is my beloved whom I love so very much
In sync with the rhythm of your heart I wanna embrace
My mind delights as you tantalize me in dreams with red lace ♥

Enamored with your silken skin and warm soft sighs
It’s you I desire most everyday, as you melt into my eyes!
I don’t know if you truly know how I really feel
But I hope you know I love you and wish you in real ♥