IntzaarThe Ocean <3
I’m the ocean my dear,
a tranquil water blue
My depth hides a mystery
of something not so new
I’m the waving flow that
ebbs with gentle calm
The liquid born in the universe
like love so very warm <3
I’m the luscious mesmerizing
hillside rising ever more
Which was once submerged
in ocean to the shore
My gentle incline touching the sky
with beams dancing free
Caressing clouds mingle with
my swelling crests for thee <3
I’m the hardest rock that stands
with head high and strong
Every crevice in it for keeping
the plants deep and warm
Protecting everything in it
that comes to me
From life’s cycle which withers
leading to pain and harm <3
So too I’m the gentle flower
budding ever very slow
Looking to the heavens
for water that I might grow
Raindrops were the food
I sought, not the tears I cry
To thrust with life my sole desire
to have you by my side <3
Yes, I am the budding flower
come pluck me from these fields
And nourish me with all your love
my soul to you I freely yield <3