Tears of My Life's Deception <3Tears of My Life’s Deception <3

It took a long time
For me to confess
The feelings I’ve for you
And the feelings you suppress <3

Finally those magical words said
Anxiety coursed through my nerves
There was no budge whatsoever
On your cheeks and lip curves <3

Non chalant you appeared
As if you hadn’t heard
The words to take out
I’d for so long feared <3

Knowing I understand you fully
Your choice of a guy perfect
Still my heart never digressed
To love you without bereft <3

Had you looked in my eyes
Only once, O dear girl
There’s a truth in my love
That you believe to be blurr <3

Love ain’t judged, beloved
On what others say
If there’s faith in heart
Even hatred seems gay <3

Love ain’t a game, beloved
That everyone now plays
It’s a feeling divine
Listen what your heart says <3

At the world of hypocrites
I smile in anticipation
Sipping my own tears
Tears of my life’s deception <3