My beloved and my dear sweetheart
I pray to the God that we’ll never part
I feel the depth of our sweet love
I believe we belong in heaven above ♥

Feel the magic of love, oh how inviting
Expressing feelings of love so exciting
True love intertwine, the romance of a kiss
Two arms enfolding you, heavenly bliss
As you grow old, you gonna remember this ♥

I am writing out poems through my mind
Expressing my feelings you’re one of a kind
I keep thinking about you all day long
The thought of seeing you keeps me strong ♥

The way it feels to be head over heels
obsessed, beguiled, spinning on wheels
This cupid’s arrow reaches over the hill
As you grow old, you’ll remember still ♥

I want you by my side, each and every day
You’re in my heart, feelings never fade away
I’ll keep you warm through the pouring rain
I’ll keep you safe and cure your every pain ♥

I’ll be your rock, in rough heavy seas
My heart is a lock, and you hold the keys
Wherever you go, I’ll always be near
Whenever you need me, I’ll always be here ♥