fly highSweet Morning <3 (Contd..)
Sweet morning dear beloved
My precious gift from up above
For Whom I place no one above
Barring the mighty God above <3
Sweet morning my dear
Wish you are next to me here
But even if you are not there
In my heart, you are here
Have a great day dear
For you I’ll always care <3
I am not any psychic
Nor a astrologer
Neither do I claim
To be a fortune teller <3
All I can predict
For the future
Is that, with you my life
Is sure to be brighter <3
I wish I could jump out
Of your phone’s screen
To convey what your presence
In my life really mean <3
I wish I could run over
To your place right now
To show my love to you
And that I miss you and how <3
I wish I could wake up
Next to you everyday
To wish you good morning
Before the sun’s first ray <3
Every day brings
So much more
To look forward to
Fly high and soar <3
Every moment brings
So much delight
Just being with you
Makes everything feel right <3