Sweet morning and I’d take time to say
I wanna thank you for coming my way
I wanna thank you for just being with you
And also wanna thank you for things you do ♥

I thank you for giving me time to spare
In so many different ways you show your care
I wanna thank you for your laugh and smile
It brings me happiness that last’s a while ♥

My feelings for you seem to grow and grow
You make my Heart feel just Go and Go
I have given my heart to you so take it with care
And always know My Love will always be there ♥

my feelings in my Heart and soul just glide
Wanna hug you in my arms so very tight
You always come to know when I’m feeling down
And how you gonna make me smile not frown ♥

Again I would look in your eyes and like to say
Oh my dear thanks for coming by my way
For being so nice and also my best friend
Our relationship will last until the very end ♥

I never ever dreamt that just meeting you
Will ever gonna make me feel so much blue
So ultimately to you, I would like to say
O’Beloved thank You again for coming by my way ♥