Sweet Luv <3Sweet Luv <3
When I’ll wake up every morning
I gonna watch you for a while
Then I’ll kiss you very lightly
And see your lips to slowly smile <3

You will ask what the time is
And I gonna whisper in your ear
That the hours hardly matters
When you’re lying warm and near <3

Your smile will grow little wider
But you may turn your face away
Hide your head under the pillow
Try to cheat in the break of day <3

Your hair wisps round about you
Flows like water to your hips
But your neck soon bare before me
Will feels the pressure of my lips <3

Then I’ll touch you very lightly
Gonna run my fingers down your spine
With this your body gently waking
Turns till your eyes gaze into mine <3

And you’ll see in that very moment
As your mouth seeks to entice
When I’ll wake up every morning
We will be lost in such paradise <3