Writing Upon The midnight MoonSweet Love <3
The sound of my heart hitting me out of the blue
It’s amazing feeling I’m allowing myself for you
I think of you every second and every breath
For you I would stare even into the face of death <3
I have left myself open, entrenched by love’s design
Engulfed by its passion, truly lost in space in time
For in you I’ve found a love that is so right
It shines all around With the brightest of light <3
To kiss your lips is to taste the sweetness of love
And it brings forth feelings from the heavens above
Your love is a light that brightens each and every day
Of all of the people you meet or see on your way <3
To look into your eyes is to gaze into the sky
So beautiful with the stars and the heavens inside
To see your glittering smile is to see the divine
This poem is for you beloved, sweet love of mine <3