The sun is setting casting red over clouds
Rippling like waves When the tide is out
One more moment of awe and reason to believe
What a wonderful act of nature divine to see ♥

The sun is now setting over this awesome day
The colours are splitting, the perfect way
Everyone strolling home as you see this too
And I am watching you going away thinking of you ♥

From this day on, I gonna look forever
This magical sunset, our moments together
To help me through when my life gets tough
And when I feel that I have had enough ♥

The sun you too see, makes me think of you
The miracles contained in it, the wonder too
I see you in my eyes everyday as you know
To stop dreaming either, I would say, no ♥

The bright colours shine from within my heart
The colours of a sunset, a special part
Of such day in my life, I wish you could see
Just how awesome is to be together, just you and me ♥