loveSwirling winds of summer’s night
And newly sprung red rose in june
O’beloved love is like the sweet melody
That is sweetly played in tune ♥

Bring stardust and lovers’ dreams
Look at the paradise of delight
Where flowers line the streams
And mountain range are icy white ♥

My lover’s beautiful reflection
Shinning brilliantly on the quiet lake
Filling my heart with desiring affection
As all the lights of my soul awake ♥

Upon seeing my lover’s perfection
Ah look at the moon settling down
Clutching in a fight from its height
As the burning sun comes flying
Ending my dreamy sweet delight ♥

Leaving the nightly love mesmerizing
Till the Seas now gonna dry my dear
And the rocks melt with the shinning sun
O’beloved gonna love you still, dear
While the sands of life shall run ♥