Strength of Love <3Strength of Love <3
Dear beloved, I wanted to share
Sweet thoughts, sweet feelings
And what makes me despair
I long to share with you
everything that makes me happy
And things which makes me feel blue
So you can imagine, love is honest and true <3

Every day not a single minute
Passes by without you in it
You are so present, deep in my heart
Our souls, I just know, will never part
Circumstance and distance may be overwhelming
They might create confusions and we start blaming <3

There are actions of mine and I know that for sure
That feel so wrong, though my intentions are pure
They are painful and sometimes impossible to bear
And you feel dear, it’s all so really unfair <3

Then I worry that if I continue to stay
Will it be wrong and will I be in your way
You must know, nobody is complete, what one need
And that this truth will make heart break and bleed <3

But I will sit with you and wipe away your tears
Wishing to kiss away all your fears
If only you knew beloved, how much
I miss and need your embrace and your touch <3

I know I can’t hide my thoughts and my fear
And I know at times I may not seem near
But you break down these imaginary walls
With the strength of the positivity and love
And then we feel blessed, from God up above <3