Story of a Girl <3 Story of a Girl <3

This is a story of a girl, so caring and sweet
Who lights up the sky and steadies your feet
Dream her smiling, ah so kind and so inviting
The warmth in her heart so blissful and exciting <3

This girl appears so stunning, I happen to know
She appeared from the heavens and landed below
More than a mere friend infact a soul mate to me
Blessed with divine beauty, her lover I long to be <3

I long to be with her every minute of every day
But she appears always so busy and always away
I think of her always, she stays in my mind
So the times she’s not with me, she’s easy to find <3

The love she gives to people, so many
I feel as though that I’m not left with any
But to this I say ‘So selfish I am’
I only wish I could be like her, unselfish but damn <3

Whenever I dream her with me, our moment looks so real
I don’t care, she’s with me, so intense is what I feel
We laugh, we have fun, she rests her head on my shoulder
Butterflies go crazy and all I want is to hold her <3

Her thoughts drives me crazy, what on earth does she feel
Was it all just a dream, were the feelings felt real
I wish she would tell me, I wish she would surely say
Is it true that she likes me or was it all for a day <3

I wished her to love me for the rest of our days
But I want her to be happy in so many ways
I know I can’t be with her and maybe it’s fate
But whatever happens we’ll always be best mates <3

Our bond is so unique, it never will sever
It will keep growing strong, we’ll be friends forever
We shall keep on laughing, always have fun
Until the end of our days and dead is the sun <3

At the end of the day we hug and say our goodbyes
For me it’s so painful, my heart blues and dies
But there’s no-one more special, no-one thats fairer
Than the girl I wanna grow up with, oh you are so dear <3