starsLook at the star aligning in my constellation
The place where heaven and earth meets between
I’ll tell you the meaning of life waiting for us
Beloved, love is beautiful as the grass is green ♥

Our heart of dreams inside us, beginning to mold
Feeling the flights of fancy without feeling cold
It doesn’t cost us to dream, I have been told
It’s built brick by brick, word by word multifold ♥

The soothing waterfall cascades, feeling tall
The roses which beautifully cover thy heart’s wall
Bloomed inside with love without the bee’s call
Touching the sun warmth, pleases eyes above all ♥

I can feel the elegance of your beauty enriched
Sweetest delight when in dreams, I imagine a kiss
Where our gentle lips would leave me breathless
So overwhelmed, such a dreamy feeling I so, so miss ♥

Strike a word, and let our budding dreams take flight
Let us stack the build blocks to form our coming life
Would it be that we can be, all we’ll talk between
To take the very first step, first step for you n me ♥

It’s the place where ocean meets the sky my darling
Our sun will set with thy love never see it withering
I’d be your sweetest good morning and now whispering
Into your ears and admiring, you tonight my charming ♥