spiritual freedomSpiritual Freedom <3

Make it simple <3
Make it significant <3
As the butterfly counts <3
Not months but few moments <3
But has indeed time enough <3
The spirit is in everything <3
The spirit breathes through <3
The universe and beyond <3
The spirit know your heart <3
It knows your soul <3
The spirit lives inside of you <3
The spirit is you <3
Let my love, like sunlight <3
Surround you and give you <3
illumined spiritual freedom <3
Once you see this all other <3
Illusions will start to fade away <3
Like a cold memory of days <3
Gone by where you were <3
Lost and couldn’t find <3
Love remains a secret <3
Even when spoken <3
For only a lover truly <3
Knows that he is loved <3