Spend an Evening With MeRainy day arrived on your
Galloping horse of color gray
The sun is hiding behind
And the clouds wanted to play ♥

Some fresh cut roses in a vase
And now candle lit dinner
My heart races with thoughts
And beloved, you’re the winner ♥

I always want to see you chill
And clear out whats in your head
Relax beloved with no worries
As the best in life lies ahead ♥

Release your every tension
I want to see you smiling
With the bright layers of fun
Which are just now compiling ♥

A late walk on the beach
Unforgettable memories on sand
I’d be your noble servant
Every wish at your command ♥

If you need to get away
Come spend an evening with me
Our action’s would write a book
Of the greatest love poetry ♥