Souls entwined with true loves embrace
I’m holding you close to kiss your face
Your gentle warmth of skin next to mine
This tender feeling that wells up within ♥

With eyes closed, you breath so fine
You beloved so beautiful, so sublime
Your gentle caresses on skin so smooth
In parallel synchronizm our bodies move ♥

With slow rhythmic motion our bodies unite
Touching, caressing in this soft moonlight
Feeling the cool breeze as we make love
Whilst bright new stars twinkle above ♥

You sense the freedom, the love, the pride
Of being able to make this love outside
Unseen by others in our own little spot
Surely no one on earth have what I’ve got ♥

No longer hiding what we together truly feel
This love of ours you know it’s for real
Hearts that was hiding feelings for so long
Now exploding with love and desire so strong ♥

For we together everyone will always find
That we are together one in heart and mind
We are together as companions, lovers, and friends
This kind of love will never see an end ♥