passionMy soul beams endlessly with passion
I gleam ceaselessly with a passion
My heart rock and roll with passion
I enjoy these moments with my passion ♥

I see your eyelids fluttering with desire
My heart beats climbing higher and higher
Now my eyes gaze deeply into yours eyes
My kisses light your soul glorious fire ♥

Feel my embrace beloved with passion
Let us face this night with a passion
I am touching you gently with passion
And now I clutch tightly with the passion ♥

Eager, you too slip into my embrace
Against my arms your entire body squash
Fiercely we are holding each other tight
Our hearts with strong passion pound and race ♥

Let us entwine each other with passion
I am now loving to tease you with the passion
For these are things we share, I caption
In our life with all the passion ♥

Then we relax beneath the full moon
Our bodies at ease now and gently freed
My lips still slowly caress your soft silky skin
Just longing to entwine again , soon ♥