Something About YouSomething About You ♥
There’s something about you
That’s driving me insane
Your looks are deceiving
Its something I can’t tame ♥

There’s something about you
That’s driving me crazy
I can’t figure out but, see
my eyesight is no longer hazy ♥

Something about you that craves me
Something about you that drives me wild
Your kiss leaves my tongue no longer mild
Your kiss so pure, just like a qure ♥

There’s something about your love
That takes me as high as the sky
Me whispering to you, I love you
Is simply leaving my mouth dry ♥

You are my life, my everything
I’d do anything just to be with you
When you whisper to me “I LOVE YOU”
Beloved you know I love you too ♥

My heart was truly so empty
But meeting you my heart is filled
There’s truly something about you
It’s like my emptiness is killed ♥