luv00So Much in Luv <3
When I gaze into your eyes
Tomorrow is all I see
I wish you could know, beloved
Just what you mean to me <3

When I see your smiling face
When I gaze into your eyes
My heart just misses a beat
And I feel the butterflies <3

You confuse all my senses
I can hardly breathe
I want to hold you forever
Because I never want you to leave <3

To hold you in the darkness
And watch you next to me
To kiss your gentle lips
Is heaven, beloved, to me <3

You came into my life
So very unexpectedly
Words can’t ever express
Just what you mean to me <3

Poetry doesn’t say it
Music can’t even touch
The endless love inside of me
That wants your gentle touch <3

Don’t ever leave me, beloved
I don’t know what I would do
Because, my darling beloved
I am so much in love with you <3