eye glance

Single glance from your eyes
Ah so dark and so black brown
putting me under your spell
Spinning this world around ♥

Your voice of pure velvet
And thoughts are now drifting
Your magic and this laughter
This joy is truly so uplifting ♥

Single smile from your lips
Ah my heart skipped a beat
Looking at your girlish spell
knocking me right off my feet ♥

One single word, just one look
And I’ll fly out of control
Ah your this magical spell
Touched my heart and my soul ♥

For your magic, your charms
Ah this lovely feminine way
Enchanting me and will capture me
All throughout the night and day ♥

For the love in your eyes
sending me out of control
And your loving magical spell
Playing the harp of my soul ♥