shinning moonLike the shining moon on the cool summer night
With placid waters glistening in its silver light
We danced among the stars on this summer night
When joy had fallen from the heart far from sight ♥

Love feels like a whisper on a cool evening breeze
A gentle touch, a soft caress, a rustle in the trees
We danced under the mighty sun feeling so hot so bright
And when all seemed to be lost, we held together tight ♥

A rising sun or new full moon is never a memory
And so will love come once again, if you let it be
As we danced together with the songs of the birds
And we danced in the silence when there are no words ♥

I hear a whisper now on the cool evening breeze
That was the love’s song…answering my pleas
We danced under the shadows of fear and doubt
And we danced when we questioned what life’s about ♥

For that’s what love really was meant to be
To find the dance when we together cannot see ♥

To write a new love song when the music stops
With lyrics that caress every tear that drops
For life is hard, there is absolutely no doubt
But Dancing through it, is what life is all about ♥